Triathletes attend inaugural Triathlon Performance Camp at Surrey Sports Park

Triathletes from across the UK have attended the inaugural Triathlon Performance Camp at Surrey Sports Park in Guildford.

Based around physiological testing, the camp format is one of the few in the UK to focus on providing accurate training zone data to enhance athlete performance and training.

The two day, off-season camp was tailored to each athlete as they received the ‘gold’ standard of performance testing, VO2max tests in both cycling and running and a swimming lactate to complement their training.

Armed with this data the team of sports scientists based at the Surrey Human Performance Institute were able to create a bespoke training plan for each athlete to take away and use during their winter training.

Unlike normal triathlon training camps, the weekend equipped attendees with their vital statistics which they can use as a marker for performance as well as their key numbers including anaerobic threshold, maximal heart rate and power output.

Surrey Sports Park has played host to a number of international triathlon training camps including USA, Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador ahead of the London 2012 Olympic Games and more recently Australia and USA before the ITU World Triathlon Championships in London 2013.

Commenting on the success of the weekend, Surrey Human Performance Institute Manager Joe Wainwright said, “This weekend has been a huge success and all the triathletes who have attended have given us some fantastic feedback. Our combination of world class facilities, great Surrey location and high level of expertise makes Surrey Sports Park a great place to train for triathlons, and the triathletes who attended this first ever camp have experienced this first hand.”

Over the weekend athletes also attended workshops and seminars from leading experts in their fields including Precision Hydration, sweat analysis experts, Optimum Health sports therapy and The Running School biomechanics.

One attendee, Toby Lewis, said, “It was a fantastic experience. I have learnt so much about triathlon training and my own abilities. The team were friendly and inspiring, and the camp has provided me with the tools I need to continue to develop as a triathlete.”

The off season camp was designed to enable triathletes to get ahead of the competition and train productively over the winter months. Equipped with their data and training plans these triathletes now have the ability to improve their performance based on science and not on guess work.

Next Surrey Sports Park is looking to host a pre-season camp in February which will focus on physiological testing and training. This camp will also feature more workshops on subjects such as nutrition for competition, bike fitting and pedaling efficiency.

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