The Importance of Staying Hydrated during Rugby Matches

Hydration is essential

Hydration is essential

As with most team sports, rugby requires a great deal of energy and physical exertion, in fact some would argue it is one of the most physically draining sports in the world, combining long runs, scrums, tackles, dives, darting from side to side and escaping your opponents, if you add the mental exhaustion to that too, you have a tough sport which demands a great deal of the human body.

During a rugby match players will sweat and perspire often, especially in mild weather. To keep the body cool and in good working order a rugby player will need to drink plenty of fluids and keep hydrated. Lack of hydration can lead to muscle cramps, fatigue, and it will impair the players ability to be on top form to score a try, or make that perfect tackle.

In this video, Phil Vickery discusses the new instant hot water tap  ‘the Aquatap’. It offers instant boiling (and chilled) water via a handy tap, so you can forget the slow traditional kettle – it’s a faster, safer way to making hot drinks.

It also provides sportsmen and women with an instant supply of chilled water which can be set up in any sports club or home, from Sunday leagues to a kick around, if the weather is warm, or if you need to replenish that water bottle the Aquatap will be a perfect tool to help keep you hydrated.

The human body requires fluids to keep it in good shape, and sport is something that generates a real thirst but tap water can often not quite satisfy or quench that thirst.

Many gyms have a water station which provides chilled water in an instant, this is for a good reason, the chilled water will help quench your thirst but also act as a coolant when you’ve built up that sweat. In this same way an Aquatap will provide instant access to any sports person who is looking for an hydrating ‘fix’.

It is essential that all people playing sport have enough water to drink, however it’s also important not to over hydrate as this can be equally as dangerous. The ideal way is to have a few sips as you go and listen to your body, it will tell you when you need a drink, from a dry throat and lips to overheating and feeling dizzy, these are warning signs that you need to take a break, cool down and take in some water.

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