The Cricket Stars of Tomorrow

Cricket Match

Cricket Match

More than ever before, England desperately needs a new generation of keen young cricketers coming up through the ranks.

Much like the Ashes squads of Michael Atherton’s and Nasser Hussain’s captaincies, this year’s abysmal tour down under reflected yet another England team who were content to rely on the relics of the past instead of taking a chance on the potential young stars of the future.

If England is to stand a chance of building a great side again, it will rely on passionate, young cricketers in the years to come. If you take the right steps, one of them could be you.

Get Yourself Into The Nets

As with any pursuit, true greatness (in most cases) only comes through hard work and constant practice. So if you – or indeed your kids – fancy themselves as a future Kevin Pietersen or Jimmy Anderson, nothing will build your skills more than constant practice in the nets.

You don’t need to have the most up-to-date gear to start off with; a simple bat and ball with do (though it might be worth investing in some pads and a box as well). With these tools and a couple of friends, you’ve got everything you need to get started.

Invest in quality cricket shoes

Invest in quality cricket shoes

Join A Local Cricket Club

England has a rich and long-lived cricketing history, which began with tiny clubs based all around the country. And since then, nothing has changed. Club cricket is still a massive part of the game, and a vital step for any youngsters wanting to pursue the sport for fun or a career.

So enquire around your local area or search online in order to find clubs close to you. Of course, you’ll want to have practiced a fair amount before you reach this level. But once there, you’ll get a much truer taste of what the competitive game is all about.

Start Your Cricketing Career

The English love cricket. It’s part of our heritage and tradition. Of course, we might be more proud of that tradition if our national team wasn’t constantly being beaten by the Aussies. So if you fancy taking up the mantle and building your own cricket career, get yourself some gear from Talent Cricket, get into the nets and start your cricketing career with a bang, or should that be a six?

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