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Extract of remarks on FIFA allegations in speech by Football Foundation President Lord Pendry

The following is an extract from a speech by Football Foundation President Lord Pendry at the Northern League’s 125th Anniversary Dinner held at the Ramside Hall Hotel, Durham, on the evening of 29th May 2015: “The Football Foundation has awarded grants worth £18m across the whole of County Durham since 2000.  “We work hand-in-hand with […]

The Importance of Staying Hydrated during Rugby Matches

As with most team sports, rugby requires a great deal of energy and physical exertion, in fact some would argue it is one of the most physically draining sports in the world, combining long runs, scrums, tackles, dives, darting from side to side and escaping your opponents, if you add the mental exhaustion to that too, […]

Motorcycle Sport in the UK

Motor Sport is popular across the world and is split between four wheels and two. The later, Motorcycle Sport has a very rich and proud history. The first motorcycles started being manufactured in the second half of the 19th century and came about as a result of the  “safety bicycle,” which is a bicycle with […]

Cycling In London 2012 Olympic Games

A recent BBC article entitled “London 2012: Chain reaction – how cycling went mainstream” highlights the upsurge in the popularity of cycling. Cyclists have been racing each other in clubs and associations since the 19th century when the first bicycles or ‘velocipedes’ were developed. Over the years new trends in cycling have created new enthusiasts, […]