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The Importance of Staying Hydrated during Rugby Matches

As with most team sports, rugby requires a great deal of energy and physical exertion, in fact some would argue it is one of the most physically draining sports in the world, combining long runs, scrums, tackles, dives, darting from side to side and escaping your opponents, if you add the mental exhaustion to that too, […]

Study reveals high number of spinal fractures in rugby players

Professional rugby players have a higher risk of fractures to the spine than previously recognised, research by academics at Leeds Metropolitan University has revealed. The study, the first of its kind, assessed professional players from both codes of rugby and found abnormal levels of fractures, potentially reflecting the impact of repeated collisions over time, suggesting […]

Should Warren Gatland receive a knighthood?

After guiding the British and Irish Lions to victory down under against Australia, there have been calls from across the nation to see Warren Gatland receive a knighthood. Warren Gatland has coached his Welsh team to several Six Nations grand slams, stolen a grand slam from rivals England, and brought Wales to the brink of […]