Rugby – one of the most rewarding sports!

Johnny Wilkinson

Johnny Wilkinson

As a teenager I was more interested in football, the high school I attended seemed to have a core team of sports guys and girls that would always be picked as they had an all-round sports ability. However, my teacher noticed potential in sturdy legs and strength thus he recruited me to try out for the school rugby team. It is obviously a rough sport and we had several lads who were much bigger and more developed physically than the majority of us in the team, so matches were always one sided, and predictable outcomes when we played in two teams against each other.

However, this meant that when we played teams from other schools we demolished the opposition. Something must have been in the water in the local town when we were all growing up. Since this time I have enjoyed following rugby but mainly England rather than local teams of Gloucester and Worcester. We do have a local team where I live now too, Bromsgrove which has a very rich and long heritage with a fab ground. Myself and pals have visited various England and Twickenham Rugby events over the years, but I no longer play, I stick to running which is much safer.

The sport of Rugby can offer a brilliant way to keep physically fit, and whilst yes it is a rough sport, it can also be beautiful to watch, particularly international games against teams such as Australia, Wales, Scotland, France and the formidable All Blacks.

I think what sums up this beautiful game, is Jonny Wilkinson‘s match winning performance vs New Zealand 2002 which I have linked to below. It was the most riveting game. England fly half Jonny Wilkinson put in a match winning man of the match performance against New Zealand during his nation’s win over the All Blacks at Twickenham in November 2002. It gave a great boost to British rugby and inspired a nation of little rugger stars.

Wilkinson was with the Newcastle Falcons from 1997–2009 and had a senior career making 141 appearances for the club and scoring 2,049 points. Johnny then played for Toulon and from 1998–2011 he played for England 91 times scoring 1,179 points – a true hero and an inspiration to all budding wannabe rugby stars!

Article by Nick B for Blog About Sport uk

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