Mighty Marina is World Champion – at the age of 60

Mighty Marina

Mighty Marina

One of Britain’s most remarkable athletes, Marina Cornwall has become a World Powerlifting Champion in South Africa.

Marina’s accomplishment is particularly impressive because she is aged 60, just 5′ tall and weighs only 44kg (7st) If anybody challenges popular conceptions about powerlifters, she does.

Marina, a Personal Trainer from Southampton, is still a successful Bodybuilder even though she only took up Powerlifting 3 years ago.

She still combines the two sports, with the help of sponsor CNP but her powerlifting World title is her most incredible result to date.

Being both tiny and super strong, Marina inspires women around the world and she is determined to challenge stereotypes about women and weights as well as the limitations of age.

She didn’t take up weight training until her 40s. “I want to show that if you work hard and strive to be your best you can achieve amazing results,” says Marina.

More About Marina Cornwall:
Marina started weight training in her 40s. She had a big sporting background, being Sports captain and a runner at school, to training for Gladiators and being chosen for Total Wipeout!  She has since enjoyed international success in bodybuilding and powerlifting, as well as forging a career as a personal trainer.

She is available to talk about weight training for women/men including older people, healthy eating and how she has managed to succeed in the highly male-dominated world of weights.

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