Market research service to revolutionise the yacht market

YPMG is working with YachtSpot to promote its service to the industry

YPMG is working with YachtSpot to promote its service to the industry

UTICA, NY – JETNET LLC, a specialist in aviation market intelligence, has entered the yachting market with YachtSpot, their suite of market intelligence software and services for the luxury yacht industry.

JETNET changed the aircraft industry nearly 30 years ago, with a market intelligence and information service that put detailed worldwide aircraft data in the hands of subscribers. YachtSpot now does the same for luxury yachting, providing a unique information resource.

Diane Levine-Wilson, director of product development for JETNET said, “We are very excited to bring YachtSpot to the luxury marine craft market.  There is a great commonality in the target audience for business jets and yachts, and we met with major players to gather insight into their specific needs, and customise this product for our users.”

YachtSpot is a web-based, fully researched information service for the broker, builder, financier, owner, or service provider. This live service provides detailed, accurate, and timely information available on owners, managers, and yachts for sale and charter. Information is presented in a fluid and customisable database, along with numerous search and business management tools.

Original intelligence, from the source, is what JETNET considers YachtSpot’s greatest asset. They proactively research yachts and the yachting market worldwide, employing approximately 50 full-time research professionals to obtain information directly from owners and operators. Their researchers confirm the accuracy of all data, enter confirmed specifications into their database, and work with professionals and businesses throughout the world.

Diane added, “We have created the most complete and accurate global database of information on yachts and the yachting industry. The most exciting aspect of YachtSpot is that it also connects both yachts and business aircraft into one global record.

“YachtSpot is the only single source for this unique and useful crossover data. I think brokers and service industry professionals will be amazed by the level of information they’ll have access to. We are offering them a set of indispensable business tools in YachtSpot.”

YachtSpot offers three services with increasing levels of detail, YachtSpot, YachtSpot Sky, and YachtSpot Prime. All service levels are web-based, and can be delivered live, weekly, or monthly.

YachtSpot is powered by JETNET LLC, a provider of aviation information for nearly 30 years.
YachtSpot – JETNET’s marine division as well as its database and information service puts JETNET’s extensive aviation research, expertise and database intelligence to work for the premium yacht marketplace.

YachtSpot comprises more than 4,500 luxury watercraft, headquartered in Utica, New York.

For more information, visit YachtSpot.

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