Is the future of sports online?

By 2020 it is expected that around 11bn hours will be spent by fans watching esports, with more than 70m enthusiasts watching major finals through online streaming platforms. This is more than the MLB and NBA finals.

With the question of whether the next generation of sports fans dream of being behind a controller, or out on the pitch – Betway have compared the two to see where the future of sports lies.

Esports v Sports stats include:

  • Recent survey revealed that more young men now prefer to watch esports than traditional sports (esports being rated as their second most preferred media source, only behind movies).
  • Esports is set to eclipse traditional sports revenue by 2020– with esports revenue expected to hit £1.2bn.
  • Figures show that from the 10 highest earning competitors from UFC and esports, gamers dominate when it comes to average yearly earnings.
  • The recent prize pool of $17.5m from Dota 2: The International 2017 event already far outweighs the combined prize pool of other major sporting events, such as Tour de France, Cricket World Cup and The Open.

See how esports is catching up to traditional sports here:

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