Insta Golfing Shoes

Insta Golf Shoes

Insta Golf Shoes

Insta Golf Shoes are a pretty revolutionary piece of golf equipment. They are portable ‘pull on’ golfing spikes which are presently available from any reputable golf store.

Golfers spend a great deal of time on their feet, and walking the distance around a golf course  can be quite tiring. Add to this the fact that some golf shoes are not always the most comfortable items of clothing, and you have potential for fatigue and discomfort.

Another issue to consider is those people who enjoy gold but who have underlying foot health problems such as people with diabetes. In circumstances such as this, or where people generally have to wear corrective footwear, golf shoes are not very comfortable at all and the game cannot be enjoyed to its full potential.

Insta Golf Shoes

This is where Insta comes in. Insta Golf Shoes have been carefully developed to offer the same grip and performance as your typical golf shoe, but they are pull on spikes.

If you;re wondering how this works, quite simply, they transform your standard footwear, whether it be trainers, shoes or boots into a golf shoe. The sole offer grip via the spikes when you’re walking the course.

Insta Brites

Insta Brites

For professional golfers, the need to have something comfortable while golfing is high priority, you’re on your feet for most of the game and a steady firm stance is essential when striking the golf ball.

Insta offer a perfect solution with their pull on spikes, golfers can turn their comfortable footwear which was not designed for golfing, into a new piece of gold kit. The manufacturers advocate that by using Insta’s golf shoes, golfers can wear their favorite tennis shoes, casual shoes and trainers.

The Insta spikes are very durable and constructed of rugged Thermoplastic Elastomer or TPE, which grips the toe and heel of any shoe you choose to wear when out playing golf. They will fit virtually any shoe.

Insta Golf Shoes offer great portability as well, easy to pack away and quick to fit onto the end of the shoe. They offer durability, stability, great traction when on the golf course and will fit easily into your golf bag thus leaving much more space than if you were to be carrying either your golf shoes or casual footwear.

If you’re considering investing in some new golf shoes this year, Insta Golf Shoes should be a consideration, for the golfer on the go or a golfer requiring comfort when on the course, Insta are available from

Article by Simon Lucas

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