How To Really Care For Your Horse’s Needs

Health and Racing

Health and Racing

Most horse owners will tell you that they take care of their animal to the best of their ability; but how many actually do? Particularly in competitive riding, ribbons and accolades at the Horse of The Year Show seem to prioritised above the horse’s actual health and welfare.

It goes without saying that this attitude is completely unjustifiable. Owning any domestic animal is a big responsibility. But owning a horse is an ever bigger one. It isn’t enough to feed and water your horse.

Healthy communication and a healthy, balanced diet are essential as well. Prioritise these key aspects of horsemanship, and the rewards will be far greater than formal successes you’d achieve in competitive riding.

Cod Liver Oil

Cod Liver Oil

Do Away With ‘Tradition’

The idea of today’s common approach to horsemanship as ‘traditional’ is a total fallacy. If we are to take horsemanship back to its roots – to the Gauchos of South America who first developed it- we’ll find very few parallels with what is now widely regarded as ‘traditional’.

Traditional by today’s standards seems to be centred around discipline, punishment and the desire to attain medals and awards.

This of course dates back some years, to a time when horses were seen as a symbol of affluence, something to be owned and dominated, as opposed to cared for. Today’s generations should know better.

If you truly want to form a meaningful bond with your horse, these outdated ‘traditions’ won’t provide it. But healthy communication formed through the ideals of natural horsemanship will.

Enforce a Healthy Diet

Horses may have better digestive systems than human beings, but they’re by no means infallible. Like humans, every horse is different and some have very specific dietary requirements, whether you realise it or not.

If you choose to carry on feeding your horse a generic diet in spite of this, it could severely lessen the horse’s lifespan and take away its right to a decent quality of life. So speak with a vet before contacting Equiform Nutrition about purchasing the correct feed and supplements for your horse.

Admirable and Right

So many horse owners seek awards and accolades, forgetting that the most important aspect of animal ownership in ensuring their wellbeing. By employing a natural approach to horsemanship and seeing that your animal gets the correct diet, you’ll be doing the admirable thing, and the right thing.

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