How to protect yourself from career threatening sports injuries

Protect Your Teeth with a Gum Shield

Protect Your Teeth with a Gum Shield

Playing sports is one of the most enjoyable ways to keep fit. When you’re in the middle of a game or race, you’re not worried about how many minutes you’re running or how many reps you need to complete, you’re just having fun. Another thing that you’re probably not thinking about is that a career threatening injury could be just around the corner. Although injuries as serious as this are not common, the likelihood of suffering one can be reduced further by following some simple preventative steps.

There are lots sports injuries out there, and though it’s not nice to think about them, it’s only by looking at them that we can consider the ways in which they can be avoided.

Some of the most serious injuries are caused by head trauma. Head traumas can occur in a number of sports, most usually highly physical games such as Aussie rules football and American football, however, association footballers can also suffer from this type of injury. In 2006, while playing against Reading, Chelsea’s goalkeeper Petr Cech suffered a cracked skull as a result of a coming together with opposition player Steven Hunt, it resulted in Cech missing 9 months of football and he now has to wear a protective helmet.

Leg injuries can also seriously jeopardize someone’s career. The Brazilian striker Ronaldo had his career blighted by a succession of ligament tears, which, over time, reduced his mobility. Dutch forward Marco Van Basten’s career was even cut short by a knee injury. Leg breaks are also common in contact sports. While severe tears to leg muscles can occur in sports that require explosive power.

Back and neck injuries are another serious sports injury. Back and neck injuries can not only be career threatening but life threatening. Injuries like these are most common in high impact sports like rugby. During the 2010 6 Nations tournament, Thom Evans of Scotland broke his neck in a tackle. He lost his career as a rugby player but he was lucky enough to keep his life.

As with all things in life, with career threatening sports injuries, prevention is better than cure. In boxing for instance, the number of careers ended by head injuries is relatively low for a sport where the main aim is to stop your opponent by knocking them out. This is because the impact is expected so precautions, such as a defence, gum shields and padded gloves, are taken.

To prevent against serious sporting injuries, it is important to take certain precautions. Any necessary safety equipment should be worn at all times during participation; this includes equipment like shin pads and correct footwear. It can even help to take measures beyond those which are required by the rules of the sport. Some footballers, including Tottenham’s Brazilian duo Heurelho da Silva Gomes and Sandro wear gum-shields, despite being permitted to play without such equipment.

However, even with all the preventative measures you can get your hands on, you can still suffer from a serious sporting injury. So it can be a good idea to get special insurance, to cover you in the event that you suffer a career threatening injury and need to make claims like head injury claims or knee injury claims or require back injury compensation.

Article by Simon Lucas

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