How To Prepare For Your First Triathlon



The sport of triathlon is now a common undertaking and a mainstream event. In years gone past though, it was to some extend thought of as an endurance test that bordered on self-harm. And given the physical demands of this three-part event, it’s not difficult to understand why; triathlons are by no means for the faint-hearted. But they’re by no means impossible either. Here are some top tips to follow when preparing for your very first.

Take It Easy

This may seem like a paradox considering you’re supposed to be training for an event which is anything but easy to complete. But in reality, allowing your body to develop and grow stronger slowly is essential. If you put in too much, too early, you could burn yourself out before you’ve even entered the race.

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Zone3 Men’s Vision Wetsuit

Prepare Mentally

A triathlon isn’t just physically demanding; it’s psychologically challenging as well. Each athlete will have their own way of dealing with mental side of a triathlon, so ask other runners for tips, then try to develop your own method of working.

Eat Well

What you eat and when you eat are incredibly important aspects of training. Contrary to popular belief, protein shakes and the like are not essential fuel for training. The best diet to have is one that embraces fresh, natural ingredients. Carbohydrates are essential fuel for the day, and natural proteins at night (such as chicken and eggs) will enable your body to recover whilst you sleep. Don’t get sucked into the fads. Good quality, real food is all you need.

Invest in Proper Gear

Quality running shoes, clothes and a wetsuit are a must. You really don’t want your footwear falling off half way through a race, or your cheap wetsuit giving you a nasty rash. These items are one of the only financial investments you’re going to make for the triathlons, so don’t be scrimp. Buy quality from a supplier such as High Octane.

A Challenging Test of Endurance

There’s no denying that it takes a certain kind of individual with a certain type of mindset and physical fitness to complete a triathlon. If you follow the advice listed here – eat well, build up strength slowly, and invest in decent equipment – you’ll give yourself the best possible chance of completing this challenging test of endurance.

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