Cycling In London 2012 Olympic Games

1930s Tour De France Rider

1930s Tour De France Rider

A recent BBC article entitled “London 2012: Chain reaction – how cycling went mainstream” highlights the upsurge in the popularity of cycling.

Cyclists have been racing each other in clubs and associations since the 19th century when the first bicycles or ‘velocipedes’ were developed. Over the years new trends in cycling have created new enthusiasts, from the Penny Farthing, to the Folding Bikes developed initially for uses in war, to BMX crazes of the 1980s to Mountain Biking in the 90s.

All these fashions and crazes continue to help keep cycling a popular pastime for those who prefer two wheels and a rush of air. And for those who have that competitive spirit, there is great potential to take part in cycling events such as road racing, with the supreme courses being those which make up the Tour De France. Mountain bike competitions are also popular world wide and lets not forget the tiny but impressive BMX which takes in tricks and racing.

Cycling In The Olympics

London 2012 Velodrome

London 2012 Velodrome

Perhaps some of the most prestigious race events take place as part of the Olympic games.

The Olympic velodrome in London 2012 will be home to some exciting Track Cycling events, and surprisingly to some, Britain has a very good chance of bring home some medals. There are a tantalising 10 gold medals available which will be hard fought for over six exciting action-packed days.

The Olympic programme also includes two Road Cycling time trial events around the streets of London for both men and women. BMX racing is now an Olympic sport and London 2012 will be the second time BMX racing will have featured in an Olympic games.

Cross-country Mountain Bike racing will take place as part of the Olympic Games at at Hadleigh Farm in Essex. There’s a newly constructed course, which has been built especially for the Olympic Games.

Cycling Is On The Up

The BBC writes:

Membership of the sport’s national body British Cycling, charged with developing it in England and looking after the GB squad, has risen by 70% since the start of the four-year Olympic cycle in April 2009 – from 25,800 to 43,000.

Devon Coast to Coast Trail

Devon Coast to Coast Trail

This is not just down to promotion of the Olympic games though, the BBC go on to report that the industry watcher ‘BikeBiz’ place the 2010 cycle spend in the UK to be more than £2.1bn and they anticipate this to reach a staggering £3bn by 2015.

It comes as no surprise, as charities such as Sustrans have been actively promoting cycle routes and bike trails for many years. Cyclists using the National Cycle Network have risen bu 13% in 2010 compared with the previous year and they are armed with maps, latest cycle technology and a desire to save money rather than spend it on fuel at the petrol station.

While the Olympic games in London 2012 will provide some fantastic cycling spectacles, it will be business as normal for the many thousands of people who enjoy cycling as both a sport, hobby or mode of commuter transport.

Article by Simon Lucas.

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