Handcrafted Luxury for Wooden Warmth and Harmony

Luxury Yacht Furniture

Luxury Yacht Furniture

MBrace Interiors are proud to present their new website of bathroom furniture, perfect for high end yachts and luxury hotels and cabins.

Sourced from a company who started building wooden boats and yachts in the 1970’s and with wood working experience, modern coating technology and design creativity we now have the fabulous bath room pieces we make today. Impregnation methods has been adopted from yacht hull building. Multilayer coating is fully waterproof while having excellent mechanical and chemical resistance. These methods provide not only reliability but also an aesthetical effect which satisfies even the most demanding of clients.

Hence we bring to you our range from MBrace of new and innovative wooden bathroom furniture in a variety of warm grains. Each peace is individually crafted so that every bathtub and washbasin is unique. Through a combination of traditional and ultra-modern crafting techniques, each piece has its own specific texture and colour.
With natural warmth, soothing touch and outstanding thermal insulation values, our ranges will bring harmony to any bathroom.

From bathtubs that exude elegance and calm, to washbasins in a wide spectrum of rich colours, our pieces are designed for comfort and appeal. For more information on our range please contact:

MBrace Contact: Email: info@mbraceinteriors.co.uk Tel: 07521177909

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