This Valentine’s Day, surprise the cyclist in your life with the thoughtful gift of a http://bikeparka.com (http://bikeparka.com ), a stylish and high-quality bicycle cover that keeps bikes protected from the elements all year round. Of equal appeal for him and her, the BikeParka is ideal for anyone you love, who also loves their bicycle! It is an affordable gift, costing under £40 from http://bikeparka.com .

Perhaps the love of your life, or the apple of your eye, keeps his or her bike in a garden, patio or balcony? The BikeParka STASH cover is perfect for cyclists who lack indoor storage space as it protects the bike and makes for a tidy appearance. It is also ideal for stashing a bicycle away inside the house.

For those who cycle round town and leave their bicycles in public places, the BikeParka URBAN cover is a wise choice. It features Velcro lock-through panels – the idea being that the bicycle lock passes through these and secures the BikeParka to the frame, preventing theft of your carefully-chosen Valentine’s Day gift.

Perhaps your loved one is tall and rides a big bicycle? The perfect gift in this case is the BikeParka XL: a super-sized cover that fits mountain bikes, bicycles with wide handlebars and those fitted with child seats.

‘Stash’ costs £29.95, measures 220cm x 140cm and fits handlebars up to 65cm.
‘Urban’ costs £39.95, measures 220cm x 140cm and fits handlebars up to 65cm.
‘Small’ costs £24.95 measures 160cm x 120cm and fits handlebars up to 55cm.
‘XL’ costs £34.95, measures 225cm x 140cm and fits handlebars up to 100cm.

Each BikeParka comes with its handy Stuff Sac to tidy it away. The cyclist simply grabs a corner of the BikeParka and literally starts stuffing it into the bag, so that it is ergonomically stored until its next outing.

Other BikeParka options include BikeParka SMALL, which is specially designed to provide a snug and secure fit for small frames, such as BMX and children’s bikes.

As well as being sold in good bicycle stores, BikeParka is available on three-day online shipping from Amazon or BikeParka.com and the last order date for Valentine’s Day is February 9. Gift vouchers are also available with one-day postal service.

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