Mountain Climber

Mountain Climber

Belgium based Europlasma, a world leader in low pressure plasma technology, is proud to present during OutDoor 2015 its disruptive DWR nanocoating technology to a selection of premium brands  in outdoor and sporting.

The DWR nanocoating is based upon Europlasma’s Nanofics® technology platform. Nanofics® refers to nanoscaled functionalization into the core of complex shaped materials and products. It is Europlasma’s patented and patent pending nanocoating technology platform, first  applied on industrial scale in 1996, and used worldwide by a renowned customer base for the coating of filtration products, medical devices, consumer electronics and functional textiles.

>From a technical point of view Europlasma’s DWR is disruptive in many different ways. Low pressure plasma technology allows to coat the finished product (garments, shoes, gloves, …) instead of the fabrics. The coatings are so thin that they are invisible to the human eye, and do not change the colour or feel of the product. The coatings penetrate into the core of the materials and cover their very fine structures in such a way that products for outdoor and sporting can be made water repellent while maintaining their flexibility, breathability and lightweight.

Wim Huijsman, Europlasma’s Sales Manager adds: “the most disruptive aspect of our technology however is its environmental impact. Low pressure plasma technology is completely dry and clean, and is becoming a game changer in detoxing the DWR industry. From several case studies we have found that our customers, by using only 1 kg of Nanofics® DWR chemical, they can save the world from 5 kg of traditional wet chemicals, more than 115 kg of waste water, and almost 80 kg of CO2. Nanofics® DWR also eliminates the use of crosslinking agents,  chlorides, formaldehyde, and other toxic products.”

In recent months Europlasma has boosted the development of new DWR nanocoating solutions in cooperation with the Belgian Textile Research Centre (Centexbel), and the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Program of the University of Leuven (KUL). These developments received  funding from IWT, the Flemish government agency for Innovation by Science and Technology.

Ahead of OutDoor 2015 Europlasma is also excited to announce that it has recently strengthened its board with the appointment of Bernd Kullmann, a successful industry professional with a true passion for outdoor and sporting.

Bernd is the former CEO of famous German outdoor brand Deuter. Bernd wrote during 28 years a real success story with Deuter, by focusing on excellent products, and bringing together excellent people and partners to make those products. Bernd Kullmannn has played a key role in steadily growing the outdoor market and in establishing the OutDoor trade show on a global level. Bernd is also a vice president and board member of the European Outdoor Group. Industry professionals awarded Bernd the trophy of  “Outdoor Personality of the year 2013”, and insiders admire him for his many achievements in climbing and mountaineering, since he climbed Mount Everest (in his jeans) in 1978.

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