DAVIDOFF Cool Water for Sports Men (sponsored video)

Coolwater Surfer

Coolwater Surfer

DAVIDOFF Cool Water’s release in 1988 was a landmark moment in the world of perfumery. The legendary blue icon pioneered the fragrance territory of the ocean, with a new freshness that would inspire many followers. The aromatic fresh fragrance weaves a skillful contrast between a sharp and crisp peppermint top note, a fresh heart of lavender and a sensual drydown of amber. The sleek and architectural design of the bottle reinforces a relaxed yet fully embraced masculinity and one which is popular with sports men.

DAVIDOFF Cool Water epitomizes a certain lifestyle, popular with water sports enthusiasts and those who work up a sweat at the gym. The DAVIDOFF Cool Water man is authentic and self-assured. He retains a sense of confidence, a natural and easygoing attitude, never taking himself too seriously. Outdoorsy, sporty and adventurous, he cares about the environment and is, at heart, a man of the ocean.

Surfers and lovers of water sports will be pleased to hear that American actor Scott Eastwood, DAVIDOFF Cool Water’s new spokesman, perfectly embodies these qualities. The 29-year-old actor has just starred in his first major studio lead in “The Longest Ride,”. Raised between Hawaii and California, he has always been passionate about marine conservation which makes him a natural fit for the Cool Water fragrance. He is also proud to support the Love the Ocean campaign, DAVIDOFF Cool Water’s collaborative effort with the National Geographic Society with a global goal of protecting 10% of the world’s ocean by 2020.

To celebrate the new partnership between DAVIDOFF Cool Water and Scott Eastwood, a new advertising campaign will be launched worldwide in summer 2015. The film was shot by Jeffrey Darling, one of the world’s most successful commercial directors, and Don King, the acclaimed water cinematographer. The print ad was photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg, renowned both for his intimate portraits of celebrities and his depictions of breathtaking landscapes.

The new campaign, shot on the Hawaiian coastline, emphasizes the unique bond between man and ocean, a primal relationship made of awe, complicity and sensuality. It pictures the Cool Water man in action, plunging into the churning waters. In synch with the elements, he becomes one with the ocean: What makes the ocean, makes the man.

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