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Rapsody Yachts is pleased to announce the new Rapsody Tender Cabin at Boot Düsseldorf Januari 2019

The Rapsody Tender Cabin is a variant of the current Rapsody Tender, but equipped with a cabin and a double berth of more than 2 meter. The Tender Cabin is a derivative of the Rapsody Tender. Fitted with a practical cabin with spacious double bed, it offers a comfortable place to stay on the dayboat. […]

Enlightening yacht innovation

BGB SILS, a British lighting manufacturer is introducing a new light mounting method using electromagnetic induction, to revolutionise underwater lighting for yachts. Typically to install underwater lighting, yacht owners have to decide whether to go through the hull, which creates a large hole, or to get it surface mounted at the expense of water penetration. […]