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World Cup Scores Big for Online Gambling

This summer’s adrenaline-filled World Cup in Russia led to a surge in online betting — much of it via smartphones and tablet computers — and gambling operators enjoyed an explosion of interest among the British public, as they netted more than double what they did during the last global football extravaganza. According to gambling industry […]

An inspirational video featuring US ice hockey player Ryan Gunderson

Do you know your hollow from your radius? What about the difference between rockering and a forward lie? Do you know how to become a set of ‘wheels’, ie a fast player? An inspirational video featuring  US ice hockey player Ryan Gunderson has been issued by non-profit organisation World Steel to mark the Winter Olympics in  South […]

How did we do in Rio Paralympics 2016

ParalympicsGB are celebrating after bettering their performance at their home Games in London four years ago. They now have 147 medals in Rio – 27 more than they won in London and with one day of competition left. It is also the first time since 1988 that Great Britain has won more than 50 gold […]

Britain’s Olympic legacy in tatters as Chancellor flouts another opportunity to repay communities

For the eighth time in his position as Chancellor, George Osborne has failed to produce a national budget which honours the government’s long-outstanding debt to Britain’s communities. In 2007 the Labour government diverted £425 million from the Big Lottery Fund to help finance the ballooning Olympics budget. Following outrage from charities and many MPs, the […]


Audiences around the world have been thrilled in recent weeks by the skill and daring of athletes at the Winter Olympics in Sochi and are anticipating the beginning of the Paralympics Games. Meanwhile the athletes have been doing their best to perform at their absolute peak despite, on occasions, weather conditions conspiring against them, with […]

Winter Sports in Europe

It’s coming up to that time of year again, where skiers and snowboarders start looking for the best snow holiday deals. Skiing and snowboarding is big business and you don’t have to travel far to find the white stuff. Many European ski resorts offer some fantastic affordable skiing and snowboarding such as Chamonix in France, […]

Choosing the right Football Boots

Without the right football gear you won’t be at your best. The basic FIFA rules regarding football equipment and clothing is simple: A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself or another player – that includes any kind of jewellery. Footballers should also use shin-guards that must be fully […]

Equestrianism and Sport

In the UK, equestrianism covers a wide variety of horse riding and one of the most popular areas of equestrianism is through sport. Using horses in sport or as part of sport in the UK dates back hundreds of years, from dueling and racing, to horse riding during hunting. The main sports in which a […]

Triathlon as a Growing Sport

The 2012 Olympic Games in London highlighted one of the UK’s fastest growing and most enduring sporting events “the triathlon”. A triathlon is a multiple stage competition which involves the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines. The word “triathlon” comes from the Greek language and was made up of two words which were […]

Greek Olympian Papachristou expelled for ‘racist tweet’

The BBC have reported how a Greek Olypic athlete has been banned from the Greek Olympic team after making what have been deemed as racist remarks on her twitter account. Papachristou was due to compete in the London 2012 Games, which officially start this Friday. But the Hellenic Olympic Committee said her posts mocking African […]