Becoming A Personal Trainer (PT) UK

Personal Trainer at work

Personal Trainer at work

The emphasis on health and fitness seems to be increasing, with UK doctors advising patients to sign up with their local gym for a variety of reasons such as tackling obesity, regaining mobility after illness or an operation and battling cancer or other diseases.

Many people can join a gym, take up running, cycling or swimming, and they’ll find the motivation and be focused enough to abide by a regular fitness regime, however, for others, a lack of motivation to get fit and stay fit can be nearly as big a mountain to climb as the initial reason for having to get fit in the first place. This is where Personal Trainers come in handy.

Personal Trainers will help a person to gradually get back into shape and stick to a regular health regime whether it be in the gym, down the park or running on the road.

This demand in Personal Trainers is creating a subsequent demand for Personal Trainer Courses, or Fitness Instructor Courses.

These training courses will suit individuals who have high motivation and good personal skills which are required to help motivate others. A reputable training course will offer Personal Trainer Qualifications at the end of the course. People suitable for these courses include gym instructors, ex armed forces staff, sports teachers and other sports men and women who have a history in discipline and self motivation.

Group Fitness Training

Group Fitness Training

A Fitness Instructor can expect to earn a good wage but this will depend on various contributing factors. The main criteria which will decide earnings for a Fitness Instructor are the qualifications and any specialist expertise and experience gained. You may also consider that those willing to work more hours and days in a year will be at the higher end of the wage scale.

For Fitness Trainers who are attached to health clubs there will be more opportunity for clients and the location of your personal trainer business will also be an important factor in hourly rates and what people can afford to pay. Affluent areas of the UK fare well for Fitness Trainers as they will have more disposable income at their fingertips.

A Personal Trainer will have more earning potential than a Fitness Instructor, but a Personal Trainer will have to establish their business before they can expect to earn the higher end of a Personal Trainer wage bracket. Personal Trainers can expect to earn between £16k – £22k in their first year but this can vary a great deal.

Personal Trainers can maximise earning potential by expanding into different areas of expertise such as weight management, nutrition, strength and conditioning and sports nutrition.

Fitness classes can be an additional revenue with earning potential of £20-£30 per hour. For this area of work it is advised to become ualified in spinning (indoor cycling), kettlebells, suspension training and circuit training. This will help those instructors and trainers who aim to work in clubs, gyms, boot camps and on circuit training sessions.

So qualifications, effort, location, association, diversity and an open approach to working as a Personal Trainer will offer the very best rewards available. A PT (Personal Trainer) at the top of their game can earn in excess of £75k per year. An attractive wage for those willing to excell in fitness and training.

Article by Simon Lucas

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