An inspirational video featuring US ice hockey player Ryan Gunderson

Do you know your hollow from your radius? What about the difference between rockering and a forward lie? Do you know how to become a set of ‘wheels’, ie a fast player?
An inspirational video featuring  US ice hockey player Ryan Gunderson has been issued by non-profit organisation World Steel to mark the Winter Olympics in  South Korea this month (9-25 February) . In it, Ryan, who will represent the US at the Games,  describes how his love of hockey began after being introduced to skating as a young child.
Ryan, who plays professionally for Brynäs IF, one of Sweden’s best ice hockey teams, also talks about his interest in the technology of blade innovation, underlining how the steel manufacturing process is vital to creating that all-important competitive advantage.
The steel used in the team’s hockey boots is manufactured via a partnership between Canadian steel ice hockey manufacturers Bauer, and Sandvik.
The video also contains a compelling explanation of how blades for ice hockey boots are individually shaped for play.

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