Ping Pong Bat

Ping Pong Bat

Diversified technology company 3M has changed the face of Ping Pong® to blue following an unusual request for a specific grade of coloured coated abrasive paper to cover the bats used in the World Championships.

The Abrasive Systems Division of 3M has been able to provide a solution in the form of a unique fine grade of coated abrasive paper in a bold blue colour, which is usually converted into discs and sheets for the surface preparation and finishing of metal, paints and lacquers. The initial order was over 2,000 bats to be manufactured by Dunlop Sport® using 3M abrasive paper, and participants are already practicing with them in their training running up to the event next year. They will now be kept in production until summer 2014 when the colour will be changed as a part of a new initiative to colour scheme each Ping Pong season.

With participants of the event utilising traditional abrasive paper hard bats, the challenge was to produce a world class paddle that would be authentic, yet innovative and of the highest quality. The abrasive paper surface differs from that used in modern table tennis as it eliminates the generation of spin in the game, meaning more focus is placed on the technical ability of the player rather than that of the paddle.

Fred Dove, tournament co-organiser from World Championship of Ping Pong said: “We needed a proven, yet inventive abrasive paper manufacturer who could work with Dunlop Sport® to produce a non-standard, coloured and highly resilient covering suitable for the demanding game of abrasive paper ping pong. That is how 3M became the ideal partner Fred Dove bat actionfor the World Championship of Ping Pong. They worked with us to provide a bespoke solution, listened to our needs and we are all delighted with the outcome. The coloured 3M abrasive paper not only looks fantastic, it performs brilliantly!”

The World Championships will commence on 4th January 2014, with 64 competitors across at least 22 nationalities taking part. It is due to be screened live to around 770 million homes in the UK, as well as networks in 12 other countries.

David Atherton, senior marketing executive for the 3M Abrasive Systems Division, said: “We’re really excited to be involved in such a huge event. We are used to working with manufacturing and engineering companies so when we got approached with this unusual sporting request it was something a bit different to get our teeth into. We look forward to seeing how the team get on next year and wish them the best of luck!”

These specific bats will be available to purchase at the event itself. More details can be found here: www.worldchampionshipofpingpong.net

For more information on 3M Abrasive Systems visit: www.3M.co.uk/abrasives

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