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The Cricket Stars of Tomorrow

More than ever before, England desperately needs a new generation of keen young cricketers coming up through the ranks. Much like the Ashes squads of Michael Atherton’s and Nasser Hussain’s captaincies, this year’s abysmal tour down under reflected yet another England team who were content to rely on the relics of the past instead of […]

How To Prepare For Your First Triathlon

The sport of triathlon is now a common undertaking and a mainstream event. In years gone past though, it was to some extend thought of as an endurance test that bordered on self-harm. And given the physical demands of this three-part event, it’s not difficult to understand why; triathlons are by no means for the […]

How To Really Care For Your Horse’s Needs

Most horse owners will tell you that they take care of their animal to the best of their ability; but how many actually do? Particularly in competitive riding, ribbons and accolades at the Horse of The Year Show seem to prioritised above the horse’s actual health and welfare. It goes without saying that this attitude […]

Sports Anorak from Helly Hansen

If you are a keen outdoors person and you live in the UK, you will know that there is no telling what the British weather is going to do from one day to the next. Summer can have its off days, with rain, wind and the cold playing a part often without warning. This poses […]